Be the sixth yourself!

We already knew that Félix Lajkó is an exciting artist, not just because of the way he plays, but also because from time to time he is capable of renewing himself and coming up with a surprise. This time around, he has enlisted a five-member band around himself, with whom he quickly, both visibly and audibly, found a common sound that – and perhaps this is the most important thing – does not tilt the balance in anyone’s favour. Regardless of whether they call each other colleagues, associates or friends, the important thing is that they inspire and supplement each other.

Playing in a band is a commitment, says Lajkó: ‘The good part is when the band is able to play together. When we start to play a theme and then suddenly it just explodes into something huge. And there’s the part that doesn’t work in a band, just playing solo, when there is total improvisation and there’s nobody around me. Both are good. Very likely, if I didn’t have have one or the other, I would feel that something was missing.’