“Album of Félix Lajkó reached the prominent 5th place on the WMCE’s 2013 list.”

Félix Lajkó (in Hungarian name-order Lajkó Félix) is not only an elusive master of tradition-based fiddle improvisation, but also a brilliant player of the Hungarian fretted zither.

“I need to be a little obsessed” – interview with Félix Lajkó

“Genres are not important to me, music is the essence”

“Another brilliant creature of a genius mind: on his new album Field Félix Lajkó finally recorded his legendary zither performance in studio quality.” “Put the cd in push the play button and in three seconds you will be whirled and raised by a hurricane of sounds.”

“Surely Félix got into every possible zigzag with his previous eleven album, it could have been the end – according to oriental terminology reached the gate of nothing, or in western culture the oeuvre became complete.”

“Such a rustic, naive power exists in this music that enchants the audience in no time.”

Félix Lajkó was the cover star of The Strad’s January 2013 issue: “Hungarian violinist Félix Lajkó sounds like no one else. A classically tarined, folk-influenced improviser, his playing is fiery and virtuosic, but also lyrical” (by Simon Broughton)

Felix Lajko’s “A Madárnak” (To the Bird) track from the Makovecz tour CD was selected to the exclusive Top of the World CD by Songlines 2012. “His composes music and draws on both classical and folk influences. He usually performs in a duo with viola player Antal Brasnyó – which is how I last saw him in Hungary a couple of years ago. The intensity, fire and virtuosity of their playing is thrilling.”